Loft in Lisbon


A former Lisbon dock's warehouse is to be converted in several lofts. The apartments will have different and Personalized characteristics. Interior partitions in exposed concrete will separate the diverse units.

In this loft a series of elements are added to the relatively neutral existing shell, punctuating and ordering space: A stair / bookcase, a fireplace and a wood coated central volume, which contains all services, facilities and several retractable elements, enabling to control the degree of partitioning of space, depending on the needs at each moment. Circulation takes place all the way around the said central volume.

Large, west oriented spans, fill with light the double height lounge. A few skylights above the main staircase and the work area on the mezzanine, surgically increase the brightness of the interior, helping to order space.

Project: Henrique Barros-Gomes

Date: 2012

Location: Lisbon, Portugal