Henrique Barros-Gomes Architects is a Lisbon based architecture practice, founded in 2010 by its director Henrique Barros-Gomes

We provide architectural services, project preparation and consultancy in the most diverse scales, types and programs of architecture and interiors, always with passion, rigor, creativity, and flexibility.

We are not looking for our authorial mark to be instantly recognized in all the architecture we develop. We believe that the common thread that unites our projects is the answer we give to each specific problem, which can be completely different from anything we have produced so far.

We are committed to developing quality architecture, personalized, and adapted to each case.

It is this chameleon-like variety, in the sense of better adaptation and response to each specific situation, that interests and motivates us.

We do not want our work to be of evident reading, neither want it to be complicated. Our goal is to make simple things surprising and mysterious.

In the end, all we want is to reach a complex simplicity.



Lisbon, 1969.

Graduated in Architecture, FAUTL, Lisbon, 1992.

Has collaborated with several Portuguese architectural offices, including Promontorio, Raul Hestnes Ferreira and Plural, Lda, having always developed, simultaneously, activity in a liberal regime.

Since 2010 working in his own name, he is director of the practice “Henrique Barros-Gomes – Architects”.

Mr. Barros-Gomes has designed projects of all sorts and scale, with emphasis on public facilities (Culture, Education, Sport, Transport), residential and hospitality, and also developed several urban scale projects and plans, including detailed plans and masterplans of touristic programmes.

He has also great expertise in worksite monitoring.

Recently, he focused on the field of home design, the remodelling of houses and apartments and the development of tourism resorts.

The team he coordinates is currently developing multiple projects, many of which are under construction.

His award-winning work is present in several publications and websites.