Aparthotel in Faro


Located in Faro’s historical centre, the project replaces an obsolete and degraded building by a new construction, that aims to synthetise a contemporary aesthetic and the respect for the neighbourhood’s urban environment.

The new building, wedged between two buildings with completely different heights, articulates with the surrounding volumetric context, seeking for continuity relations with the evolving urban fabric.

The project proposes a minimalistic approach, with vertical apertures, inspired in the classicist architecture of the historic centre, although chasing subtle misalignments, in a more unorthodox attitude.

The building presents a total of 10 apartments, and a panoramic rooftop with swimming pool and a bar.

Project: Henrique Barros-Gomes, Ana Luisa Rosa and Joana Cabrita Magno

Date: 2014/2017

Location: Faro, Portugal